IITM Researchers Come Up with a Breakthrough in Water Filtration Technology

Australian Tennis stars at French Open 2013

Hydraulics in Everyday Life

Applying for a Temporary Residence Visa in Australia

IITM Researchers Come Up with a Breakthrough in Water Filtration Technology

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A water filtration system that can provide families with water that’s free of hazardous materials (lead, arsenic, etc.) at the cost of just $2.5 a year? Science is indeed boss. The brilliant researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) have developed a simple point-of-use water filtration technology that’s both extremely effective and efficient. And oh, it’s portable to boot. So how did they do it, you ask? The secret lies in nanoparticle filtration.

The researchers employed the use of silver nanomaterials, which allows for the removal of chemical and metal pollutants. Biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses are also eliminated prior to that. This is of course a very significant development, as access to clean drinking water is still a huge problem in many parts of the world. Yep, this age-old plight still exists even in the era of iPhones, Netflix, and hybrid automobiles. If the shortage of safe drinking water can be eradicated, we’ll be able to save a total of two million lives (nearly half of which are children suffering from diarrhea) annually. Those are two million reasons why this is one of the more important developments in recent times.

Coming up with this breakthrough wasn’t a stroll in the park, though. The goal was to create a system that could discharge silver ions constantly without the use of electricity. Accomplishing that is anything but easy, of course. But with that being the focus, the researchers labored until they came up with a structure that is able to trap the nanoparticles. They referred to this as a “composite cage”. This cage is composed of a material that has clay-like properties and allowed the system to produce safe drinking water at the rate of up to 10 liters per hour.

What’s unfortunate, though, is that this breakthrough water filter has yet to be placed under production. However, it probably won’t be long before it sees the light of day. And when it does, it’ll be a glorious day indeed. Such companies such as the water people and tru water are interested in such advancements in this technology.

George @ August 7, 2013

Australian Tennis stars at French Open 2013

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Sam Stosur and Bernard Tomic are the two Australian tennis players that are currently playing at this year’s French Open. Both players are aiming to get the coveted French Open crown, but Tomic is having quite a difficult and controversial time compared to Stosur.

Stosur was a runner-up in 2010 French Open and has been showing great skills and potential this year. She swept her first nine games last Tuesday and beat Japanese veteran player Kimiko Date-Krumm with 6-0, 6-2.

In an interview with ESPN, Stosur said that she has fully recovered from her right calf injury last year. She also mentioned that she is feeling “100%” and is hoping for “a good run” in her next games.

Sportal.com.au reports that Stosur is just the fifth favourite to win the title at sportsbet.com.au at $23 while she is the sixth favourite at Betfair at $36.

While Stosur is having a great play at the French Open, Bernard Tomic has been struggling with his game. He was suffering from a right hamstring injury during his first-round match against Victor Hanescu of Romania. Aside from that, he is also facing controversy because of his father who is currently facing a pending assault case filed by Bernard’s partner in Madrid. His father, who also happens to be his coach, is banned from the said tournament and he cannot enter the premises even as a paying spectator. Tomic admitted that it is hard for him to not have his father by his side. He says, “Involving the incidents that happened, I don’t want to talk about it a lot or at all, I should say. It’s a very difficult thing for me, you know, to put my words into that.”

Punters can still continue to bet for their French Open favourites. For more information on their standings, they can check out their local betting shops and favourite betting websites. They can also check free betting websites such as Free Bets Australia  for more sports betting offers.


George @ May 25, 2013

Hydraulics in Everyday Life

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Back in the day, common use for hydraulics would be for car brakes and garage lifts basically. Simply, things that use hydraulic cylinders usually go from one direction to the other and that’s just it. Though, there are probably more applications for this science than most people can imagine. The advancements in science and technology just keep making breakthroughs in hydraulic development.

For entertainment alone, hydraulic pumps are now being used to generate gnarly waves at indoor wave pools that recreate the once natural flow of the seas. The mechanisms behind wave pools are very much like big pistons alternating on different ends to produce ripples that can be big enough to count as real swells in the ocean.

On the construction aspect, loaders, skids, dozers and drills use hydraulics to do their specific work. Loaders use the hydraulic cylinders to push off their load onto mountains of dirt, gravel, rock or sand. Dozers on the other hand push their heavy loads from one place to another by extending their pistons for pushing or lifting. Drills, on the other hand use the pressure that pistons generate to bore big holes on concrete and other surfaces.

In the field of rescue, the jaws of life use the science to pry open stuck doors in car crashes as well as cut metal frames that may endanger victims’ lives if they are not immediately removed. Hydraulic pincers can generate enough force to easily cut through layers of compressed steel, making the manners of emergency rescue easier and safer for both victim and rescuer.

Industrial, leisure, transportation, construction; these are but few examples in which hydraulics can be used to do things more conveniently and efficiently. True enough, companies are getting in on the idea of tailor-fitting the needs of different sectors when it comes to their hydraulic needs.

For more information , visit Hydac Hydraulics

George @ August 24, 2012

Applying for a Temporary Residence Visa in Australia

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Planning to work in Australia between 3 months and four years? Then you are going to need a temporary residence visa. Don’t worry. There are several organisations that can help you with your temporary visa application.

However, there are a few things you need to remember when applying for a temporary visa.

First, you need to fill in the application form 147. In most cases, medical examinations are required. Second, approved temporary residence visa applicants are not entitled to national public health cover. Third, those who are eligible for the form 147 application are those applying for the following visas: Visiting academic, exchange, government agreement, foreign government agency, sports, domestic worker, special program, occupational trainee, medical practitioners, religious worker, New Zealand citizen family relationships, and film & media staff.

Before your temporary residence visa is approved, you need to have a future employer who will agree to pay for your fees; you should be applying for a full time job; and you must be able to pass the medical examinations among other things.

Another thing to take into consideration is that you are also required to have proper health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. Now this is where organisations like IMAN come in.

IMAN Australian Health Plans have been helping countless overseas visitors for more than 30 years with their visa applications. For example, overseas visitors who get IMAN health visa insurance are provided with visa letters that can help with their visa applications. Another thing, said organisation has several health plans to suit the varying needs of their clients. The best thing about these health covers is that they are approved by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Hence, IMAN members are assured that they won’t experience any issues with their respective covers.

Lastly, working in Australia is a privilege and not a right like what the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website says. Hence, those who are interested to work in the OZ are encouraged to do their research in order to meet all the requirements for their visa application. Likewise, you can visit the DIAC website for further information regarding your temporary residence visa applications

George @ August 20, 2012

Shopping for A New Laptop

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My laptop of several years is starting to show signs of retirement. Lucky me, I got word that Dick Smith’s having a 25% sale for some of their laptops. Might as well check them out. It’s about time I got a new notebook and getting one with a discount is a great deal.

However, let me just remind you all that you shouldn’t buy gadgets on a whim, discounted or otherwise. Let me share with you what I look for when buying my laptops.

First, know what you’ll need the laptop for. Do you need it for school presentations? Or will the laptop be used mainly for gaming and other functions that need higher specs?

Next, I suggest taking the weight into consideration. Get something that you’re comfortable with. However, I suggest going for the lighter ones as laptops are supposed to be carried around and the extra weight from the laptop could easily tire you. Moving on, size, like weight, matters. Go for a notebook that has an acceptable screen size and yet easy to slip in your bag. You wouldn’t want to be lugging a huge notebook around all day, would you?

Next on the list is the price. Decide on a cost you are willing to shell out for a new laptop. Once you have decided on an amount, the next best thing to do is to stick to your budget. I’ve made the mistake of ignoring my budget in the past; It’s only now that I realise I could have made better purchases at cheaper costs.

Another important thing you should consider is battery life. Now this is a deal breaker for me. I want a laptop that packs a longer battery life than other notebooks. Why is this the case? So that I don’t always have to rely on bringing my battery charger when using my laptop outside the home or office. It is, therefore, equally important that you get the best laptop batteries as it it is an essential part of using your notebook. Truseted retailer A1 Battery pro have new stock of laptop batteries if you having such issues

For more information on buying laptops , please read the new article in the Sydney Herald 

George @ July 20, 2012

Brisbane Mountain Bike Trails

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Looking for the best riding tracks in Brisbane? Want to feel the adrenaline rush, and serenity that mountain biking, surrounded by nature provides? Look no further, as the capital city of Queensland is abundant with park and reserve tracks suitable for mountain biking. Most parks have sections that are perfect for cyclists, such as the Brisbane Forest Park.

Brisbane Forest Park lies adjacent to The Gap Creek Trail and Mount Cootha Reserve, both of which are great for mountain bike riders. These are glorious bushland reserves, which even beginners can enjoy. Another good one for beginners is Daisy Hill Forest in Logan. Riders can choose to go over the trails slowly or there’s the opportunity to push the limits and go extreme biking, depending on your skills. But it’s not all fun and games and there are certain things to consider when heading off for a day of cycling on a new or favourite track: Whether you’re a beginner or professional rider, it’s important to wear proper biking gear, study the map to avoid getting lost on your cycling adventure, and to ride with someone; especially if heading off to Gap Creek Trail or Mount Cootha Reserve.

In order to obtain the correct bicycle and biking gear that will be able to sustain your track riding, you need to do research into which type of  mountain bike and bike gear, such as tyres, helmets and wheels are going to be best suited to your riding level and location. You need to consider what kind of tracks you intend to use your bike on; will they be rough uneven terrains? Or smooth level trails? Lastly, you also need to determine how much you are willing to pay for the mountain bike and the cycling gear you are going to need.


George @ June 19, 2012

Australia’s PM Gillard to increase mortgage purchases

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Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard is looking for ways to help the mortgage industry that has been affected by the tough economy today.

It has been reported that Gillard might follow what had United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did—to increase mortgage purchases. This is due to the the sudden fall of the house prices as well as the extension of the grip of Australia’s biggest banks on the home loan market.

Since last year, the Australian home houses had fallen steeply to 4.8 percent. This has been the biggest drop on record. Due to this, concerns about the debt crisis that has been experienced all throughout Europe had bothered the everyone in the home mortgage industry. This report has been followed by a study that Australia has the “second least affordable homes” next to Hong Kong.

The government is determined to help out everyone in the mortgage industry through the mortgage bond investment program. However, Steve Keen, associate professor in economics at the University of Western Sydney and author of the popular book “Debunking Economics”, is not confident about this move. He feels that the this program will put the government’s finances at risk. “Putting more money into this would be putting more money into a mistaken project,” Keen says. He expects that the house prices will decine this year around six to ten percent, after adjusting for the inflation rate.

However, some experts are still encouraging people to get themselves home loans. The so-called “four pillars”–-Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ Bank and National Australia, all of wich are AA-ratings holders from S&P and haveaccess to global credit markets—have boosted offering after the government allowed sales of covered bonds. Covered bonds is defined as a “different type of mortgage-backed debt that has a dual guarantee from the issuer and an underlying pool of loans”. People can also get home loans from non-bank lenders such as Home loans Ltd, which gives an alternative for home finances. The company has been recognised as Australia’s Nest Non-Bank Lender at the 2011 Australian Lending Awards. They have a wide range of home loans to choose from depending on the customer’s finance needs and have a home loans Brisbane office.

The mortgage industry will definitely face a lot and tougher problems as the year goes by, but the government assures that they will do their best to help and to ensure the economy’s stability.

George @ March 15, 2012

NIB Stays Positive Despite Means Test on Health Insurance Rebates

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I was going through the Brisbane Times a couple of days ago and I came upon an interesting article. Apparently, the government has been planning to do some sort of means test on the 30% health insurance rebates. This will focus on residents and families earning around $83,000 and more than $166,000, respectively.

In lieu, NIB head Mark Fitzgibbon feels that the proposed means test will result to a drop of about 20,000 customers. He further notes that NIB health fundshas been studying the various effects that the means test will have in the industry.

According to Fitzgibbon, their studies show that NIB customer count could drop to .6% given the mean testing. Moreover, other health care providers are exerting more efforts into advertising their services in the hopes of retaining the old customers as well as to attract new ones. Moreover, NIB predicts that it is possible for about 19,600 of their clients to downgrade their covers by next year.

However, NIB remains positive that they can get through this marginal pressure. They are urging the clients to retain their covers despite the mean tests on the rebates. They are emphasising the importance of having health insurance.

It’s nice that NIB is staying positive despite the “situation” they are in. The means test on rebates might not be an ideal scenario for most, but I don’t really see myself abandoning my health cover. After all, you can’t put a price tag on your health. Not only that, the health insurance we have helps us manage our finances when it comes to our optometrist and dental visits.

For more information about the mean tests, you can see the full article here: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/nib-sounds-warning-on-means-test-for-health-cover-20120220-1tjpo.html

George @ March 14, 2012

A Night with John Scofield

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John Scofield, one of the best American jazz guitarists of his time, will be coming over Australia to do a guitar clinic for everyone. The said guitar clinic will be on March 5, 2012 at 7:30PM in the Conservatorium Theatre of Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, located at 140 Grey Street, Southbank, QLD.

John Scofield

This event has been greatly anticipated by lots of fans and even music enthusiasts. This is because Scofield’s guitar work has been very influential in jazz since he started his career in the 1970s.He has collaborated with big names such as Miles Davis, Dave Liebman, Joey Defrancesco, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Charles Mingus, Phil Lesh, George Duke, Pat Martino, Jaco Pastorius and even John Mayer.  He has clearly inspired a lot of people to pursue a career in music, to follow their hearts and passion as well as to aspire to be the best in their chosen field.

The clinic will last for more than two hours. John Scofield will be welcoming questions from fans and aspiring musicians. He will also be playing songs that he had made popular over the years, as well as those tracks from his solo album Uberjam (released in 2001) and Up All Night (released in 2004).  He will teach everyone simple guitar techniques as well as some of his guitar tricks.

Attendees of this Brisbane guitar clinic will definitely be empowered as musicians and guitarists. Scofield has been an inspiration for years and he is considered a pro in the music industry, that is why the things he will talk about and the stuff he will be teaching will be very beneficial whether you are an aspiring musician or have already started a career in music. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and greet the guitar legend himself. An autograph session will also be done after the clinic.

Doors will open at 7:00PM, 30 minutes before the clinic starts. Attendees are advised to arrive as early as possible to ensure good seats. For more information, you can contact: (08) 9309 6066. This event is promoted by Allans Music + Billy Hyde , my favourite guitar store

George @ February 6, 2012

Point Cook : Beautiful Waterfront Apartments

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The silly season is fast approaching and the sunny weather is here to stay. There is no better time to check out the sparkling beaches and enjoy your moment in the sun. Currently Australia is brimming with waterfront apartments and one of the most exciting new bayside destinations is Wyndham Harbour just moments away from Point Cook and offers one of the most breathtaking waterfront properties in the country.

Point Cook is situated in Victoria, Australia. The population has shot from 14,162 to 32,167. Also, it is a suburb just 25km from the Melbourne Central Business District—an estimated travel time of 30 minutes.

Wyndham Harbour, located in the lush suburb of Point Cook, is a remarkable piece of real estate. It boasts of luxurious waterfront apartments, terrace homes, sandy beaches, and marine berths. Moreover, you are assured that your waterfront homes are located among similarly designed houses.

Incidentally, these Point Cook real estate waterfront apartments are selling fast. This comes as no surprise, seeing how painstakingly the community was planned, designed, and executed. Not only that, it is located a few minutes away from  Point Cook Coastal Park, where you can take the whole family to see sandbanks, marine reserves, and various birdlife. You may also drop by the Point Cook Homestead. Here, you can dine with family friends at Scrumpy Brown’s Restaurant Bar, where they always serve great food and coffee. If you’re a horse race enthusiast, Point Cook Homestead is the place for you as this is where Newminster, the first horse to win the Caulfield Cup, was born and bred.

Why should you live in Point Cook? There are several reasons. First, you’ll be surrounded with a spectacular view of nature all around you. Second, education for your kids will be no problem as Point Cook real estate properties–such as the Wyndham Harbour waterfront aparments–are close to several educational institutions like: Point Cook Primary School, Seabrook Primary School,  Emmanuel College: Notre Dame Campus, and the Carranballac College, among others. Third, shopping for groceries and other items will also be a breeze as the Point Cook properties are closely situated to the Point Cook Town Centre and the Town Square. Lastly, going to and from one place to another won’t be a problem. As mentioned earlier, this prime spot is just a couple of minutes away from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Also, there are railway stations at Aircraft and Laverton, giving easy access to your city.

Don’t waste your time. Visit the Wyndham Harbour website if you’re looking for a Point Cook real estate. Remember; act fast as slots are limited.

George @ November 24, 2011